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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Home Remedies for Bright Soft Skin

The use of the lightest Quality cosmetic available in the market is More likely to harm the skin than the benefits, HoMemade cosmetics not only save money but also harm the 

Spoon one tablespoon of flour. One teaspoon of yogurt and A faw drops of rosemary paste in A spoonful of barley flour, apply rub on face and BODY parts after (10)minutes,

Mix half A teaspoon of turmeric powder and A little oil in A paste and rub on the face, after drying, rinec the face with warm weter, AN excel lent pack for dry skin

Mix mustard.. Saffron..turmeric.. Cucumber. Fenugreek. 
Salt and Kapoor in symmetrical Quantity. Prepare A bowl of RED =sandalwood. Cloves with mustard, regular application for A week can make the skin soft, 
Comdine Lemon juice with barley flour. Rosemary and glycerin in the face To remove dryness of the SKin,

Combine two tablespoons whest flour. One teaspoon creamy milk. Half teaspoon Lemon juice and pinch of turmeric powder for Normal skin, wash on face After drying, the skin is shiny

Soak the coconut in milk overnight, in the morning. Peel it off and mix it, mix two tablespoons and rosemary and Place in A vial, pre=BoDy dathing before bathing, this opens the pores on the skin. So that the skin becomes shiny

Make A paste of carrots and paste it on the face. After (30) minutes. Face wash will make the skin shiny and supple and clean, 
Mix carrots and tomato juice and rub it in the face before bedtime, wash your face with warm water in the morning the skin will fade, 

Peel apples to cut oily skin into small pieces Rub this piece in the face, after AN hour wash the face, 
(30) ml Mixing A small spoon of glycerine and barley flour in AS much honey AS you Can with 
Remove the coarse skin....! 

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