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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Foods that Change with Age

Generally. A PERSON;S DAILY diet depends on his age. Manner of functioning, people living with A variety of ailments in the myanagiri lifestyle include diseases like diabetes. Body fat. Thyroid and high =blood pressure, this illness involves A special diet, for example. Daily diet should consist of high fiber content. Carbohydrate. And high amount of vitamin
Each and every age group is important for Women, adolescence. Adolescence. Old age and menopause, it is important to take special dietary care during each of these camps. For example A teenager should de more nutritious and more nutritious than A woman of age (5)
Adolescence is the structure of the Body and the age of Aging, similarly. Pregnant woman AND A newdorn mother woman,

20 to 30 Years

Women are usually the mothers in this age group. It is important that their BODY does not have folic acid deficiency. Folic acid deficiency can lead to congenital disease in the unborn child. The BODY 's development stops, the resultant infant suffers from mental illness or becomes a victim of disability. The deficiency of folic acid deficiency can cause both mother and BODY to become anemic.
Vitamin D is essential for good health. Milk intake should be required. If possible, eggs should also be included in the routine. Also general exercise should be done.

AFTER (40)years 

This time is A time of menopause, the digestive tract 
De comes VERy active during this time, so Hunger seems even More prevalent, A woman who Dose not Do proper physical exercises seems to have fat, the daily side effects of high intake of tea and frieb dishes are Known to affect health, therefore. It is advisable To eat as many 
Nutrients as possible At this AGE. On A daily basis. about (20 TO 30) percent of the fider should Be obtained, so to increase the intake of fruits. As well as 
To include roared chickpeas, mung dal and chickpea dal 

Also include soybean heads. Soybean milk is also available in the market. Soybean controls the amount of hormones an insulin. So the chances of diabetes are low.
From childhood to old age, the need for calcium is constant. Therefore, incorporate milk, yogurt and vegetables accurately into your daily diet. Take the vitamin tablets as advised by a doctor. (Vitamin D) is very useful for women who have arthritis or osteoporosis.
Common problems such as abdominal pain, gas, indigestion are more common due to poor digestion during old age. Therefore, it should be eaten only when digested in old age and when you feel hungry, 

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