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Thursday, 12 September 2019

BANANA'S : Who to eat? Who does Not eat

Bananas are the most accessible fruit of the General
Public, there many varieties of BANANAS across the 
Country, the "Rasbali" variety found in maladar and Mysore is considered very tasty AND nutritious, the Little BANANAS of lgatpori near Vasai and NASIK are very much appreciated,

 Bananas have been greatly praised in the Samhita texts of Ayurveda. They are delicious, invigorating, digestive heavy, cold, alleviating gall, relieving fatigue, replenishing fatigue, and immediately growing sperm (semen). Some have called it coughing and slowing down of digestive power, while some have even recognized it as a staple food in the bronchitis and anorexia.

It is resistant to diarrhes. Smooth and talkative, BANANAS in acidity and inflammation give very good results, apart from this. Women who suffer from sores also have the benefit of eating ripe BANANAS, Eating BANANAS and ghee calms blood pressure, the USE of BANANAS is deneficcial even if there is A sore throat. Dry cough or inflammation of the dladder

In this view. Anyone who has A thin body and good gastrointestinal function should use A banana to 
Gain weight, if both milk and BANANAS are eaten together it decorations A "diet against" we eat BANANAS there for nutrition. Fasting or fasting and with milk AS advised BY A DOCTOR, but in ayurveda it is not right,

Contrary To this method. Diet invites many diseases like skin diseases. Infections and worms, yogurt is also made against BANANAS, therefore. 
The yogurt and Banana rituals that are made are not necessarily healthy, 

In modern terms. BANANAS contain adout(22%)of 
Carbohydrate content! Apart from this. Iron. Calcium, potassium. Magnesium. Sodium and phosphorus are also good, since ripe Banana embryos have bacterial powers. They are useful in the gums. In the collection and in the intestines (infected, ulcers.) however. Those who are 
Overweigst. Have skin Diseases.. Do not feel Hungary, are cold and have breathing difficulties or are Not eating BANANAS, 

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