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Why is Home loan better than buying a property?

A home loan could help You build or renovate your Home 
To meet your preferences, applying for This Type of loan 
Is a major financial step. For Which we advise you be Ready to take the financial responsibility that comes With it, even the Smallest Hitch can harm Your Application and affect your lokeliHood of sussess,

lt is important to have your house iN order before Making an application for A home loan to ensure A seamless 
Process, these are Some of the top questions You 
Shouod Consider when preparing your Application

 Does your credit score meet the threshold?

Lenders Will cerrt out A deep check On your credit score 
And history to determine your risk factor defore awarding 
Or declining your application for A homa loan, any 
Unpaid or late bills Will contribute to A low score. Which Might affect your ability to access this type of financing, conversely. A GREAT credit history May improve your 

IT is important to Know your credit score And determine 
Whether it Meets the Minimum requirement Set by your lender before making your application, if you cannot 
Increase it by paying off your bills. You should consider holding off your application until you can raise it, 
Remember. A deep credit chech Will reduce your credit score slightly. So you Shouldn't only make applications for loan products that you can actually qualify for

:Can you afford to borrow your desired amount

You need to assesS your financial situation defore Meking A loan application to ensure you Can meet the Repayment structure, this loan term loan could have significant
Consequences, with your financial security at stake, it is
important to assess your income. Expenditure and other 
Financial commitments defore making an application to 
ensure you can actually afford the repayments, yu can 
Talk to a financial advisor to help you make this decision, 

Are you eligible for a grant:

A first home owner grant is designed to help home owners Manage the cost of their New, it can be a great
financial aid for people looking to buy their first home, you should look into the eligibility requirements to ensure you
Can actually qualify for this appropriate exemption. Which will Worck to reduce the cost of your home, information on eligibility can de accessed through the relevant 
Government Websites
Can you raise the deposit=

Majority of lenders Will impose A 10%Minimum deposit 
for people Looking to access A home loan, however, this 
Is still delow the 20 %minimum that Will protect you from 
Mortgage insurance. Which Can significantly increase the 
Cost of your loan, you May de able to access lower 
Repay ments and A favorable interest rete if you have At 
Least this Much to deposit When taking Up A HOME Loan,

If you are considering A loan And Do not have the deposit 
Amount. You should consider increasing your savings, you
Can cut down on your spending. Pay off some fo your 
Sebts and increase your income to raise the deposit 
Amount, the perks could prove Too great to MiSS Out On 

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