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Friday, 5 July 2019

everything young Drivers should know about car insurance

*having passed your Driving test And picked out A car.
You are ready to get oN the Road, however. You Also have to deal with car insurance. this type of insurance provides coverage to Yourself, your car 'your belongings and other third parties on the road, lt is usually a mandatory *
Requirement. Which may attract penalties. Heavy fines and possible jail time or community service, you could
Even have your license suspended and de rendered unable to drive

"Ln case of an accident car insurance will mitigate
The high cost of injury and damage, lt can help you get dack on your feet as well as get your car back in good condition these are a faw Things young drivers should
Know about car insurance,

:even if you do not drive your car A lot. You may
Need car insurance, lt is no longer a mandatory requirement across all states but it can be a great way to
Reduce the risk of damage or loss without severely impacting. You financial stability, with the right car insurance package, could heve your car and any damage caused during an accident fixe quickly, you need car insurance to protect you from liability, injury and possible jail time
::You don’t need the full package

Car insurance is very expensive for Young drivers. 
Due to their small payment history and relative Inexperience at the wheel, when you are taking up car insurance for the first time. You should look  through different policies to find one with. Lower costs that still offers comprehensive coverage for and risks you may face, lf you are unable to afford high premiums. You could negotiate a preferred risk insurance coverage to help you address risks You feel are the most pertinent to you,
You can get by wiyh the minimum state requirement. Allowing you to adsolve you rself of and liability in the event of an accident and fild a way to Meet any expenses that May arise.? 

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